From the North or Northeast

Just get to Rt. 287 South

Take 287 until you get to Rt. 78

Take Rt. 78 West.

Follow the directions below


From the East or Northeast


Get to Rt. 78 West

Follow directions below.

From the South

Start by getting to the Flemington Circle

  1. Get off of the circle onto Rt 31 North
  2. Stay on Rt 31 until you get to the small Annandale sign on the right side of the road (this is Old Allerton Rd, but there'll be no sign that says that). Begin looking for this sign after you pass North Hunterdon High School. You'll know you're at the right place because there'll be a Cheverolet dealership ahead on the right, just past the turn.
  3. Turn right at the Annandale sign onto Old Allerton Rd.
  4. When this road ends, turn right.
  5. When you see the white church on your left (about 100yds later),
    turn left onto West St.and follow the directions below from step 5


From the West or Northwest

Generally if you're coming from the west it's generally best to get to Rt. 78 in PA and follow the directions below.

If you're coming from Northwest of us (Poconos, or near Rt 80) then take either

Get onto Rt 46 South right after you cross the Delaware into NJ on Rt. 80 East. Take Rt. 46 South down to where it picks up Rt. 31 South near Buttzville and then follow Rt. 31 until you get to a sign for Rt. 513 north to High Bridge. Turn Left onto 513 North.Turn right onto Arch St. Turn right onto Washington Ave. and follow the directions below from step 6.


Just take Rt. 80 East to Rt 287 South, to Rt. 78 West and follow the directions below. (much longer)

From Rt. 78 East or West
  1. Get off at exit 18 (it's the Annandale exit)
  2. From 78 West, just stay right on the ramp. From 78 East, carefully follow the signs for Annandale
  3. Either way you'll go past Miller's Tavern on your right as you get into Annandale.
  4. Turn right at the white church onto West St. (County Rt. 641), go under the RR tracks and stay on 641 until it ends. (It will have changed it's name to Dewey by then)
  5. Turn right onto Washington Ave.
  6. About 100yds later turn right onto Maryland Ave (just before the fire house).
  7. Maryland bends right and becomes Elm, which bends left and becomes Highland. (all within a very short distance). Look for us on the left. #27